Champions Project

Meet like-minded doctors who care about patients beyond the hospital notes, and receive free trauma-informed training to empower your practice.

Welcome to the Shared Health Foundation Network of Champions.


We believe that everybody should have good healthcare available to them. It should not be damaged by social or economic disadvantage.


Shared Health are clinically-led and evidence-based. We work with our communities in Greater Manchester to provide practical support and bridge the gaps between their needs and policy (both local and national). We focus on person-centred care with an emphasis on being trauma-informed. In a world with growing specialism, we see the value in generalism.


Champions share our passion in understanding how deprivation effects an individual’s physical and mental health and working to eliminate these inequalities.


They believe in evidence based holistic care; and understand that to achieve the best health outcomes we need to address the whole patient and their circumstances rather than just the diagnosis.


Champions believe that they can do more than just follow protocols of care; they want to know how to connect with patients on a human level and care for them beyond the hospital notes.