The Deep End movement began in Scotland with an alliance of the practices from the 100 most socio-economically deprived areas of the country.

GPs at the Deep End have been highly successful in advocating

for their patients and campaigning for services and resources to meet the increased needs of practice populations in are as of deprivation.

The Deep End model has since spread throughout the world with practices

in areas of concentrated disadvantage grouping together to share ideas, get involved in education and training for the specific challenges of deprivation and expand the field of research of primary care's role in addressing the causes and consequences of health inequalities.

Over the last two years, Shared Health Foundation has been developing a successful network of on the ground GPs across Greater Manchester and host events to provide an opportunity to bring them 

together and promote best practice.

Next Event: Autumn 2019

Previous Events

Over the last three years we have held multiple events from study days to large scale conferences. 

Below are some of the resources and presentations we have kindly been given permission to share.

Greg Fell

Public Health: Health inequalities
the view from the Town Hall

Deep End 

20th September 2018

This Event Has Now Finished

"Reversing the

Inverse Care Law"

The Deep End conference is an opportunity for doctors, medical students and those with an interest in deprivation and health inequalities to come together, learn and share.

This year, the conference theme is ‘Reversing the Inverse Care Law’.

In 1971, Tudor Hart, a GP based in South Wales, proposed that the availability of good medical or social care varies inversely with the needs of the population it serves. This can be seen in practice, but we believe it can be changed!

The conference will aim to discuss this further – through keynote talks, panel sessions, workshops, open conversation and meeting of minds throughout the day.

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