Deprivation Medicine

Recently published information from CQC shows that some of the best practice in the country has come from GPs working in deprived areas.

But are these GPs adequately resourced and supported?

We know there are generally less GPs per 1000 patients in areas of deprivation and for GPs who are working in these areas there are less training opportunities, less training practices and they are underrepresented at CCG, NHE and commissioning level. 

But, research has identified core values are the heart of medical professionals working in deprivation which enable success including strong leadership, a sense of social justice, and supportive structures external to the practice.


We, at Shared Health Foundation, tap in to these core values and are working to support medical professionals throughout their careers. From sparking interest of high school students in health related topics to medical student placements and specialist training programmes, and promoting best practice among the most experienced health care professionals. 

Take a look at just some of the work we are doing...

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