Housing and Children’s Health and Social Care

Shared Health Foundation frequently come across children in difficult housing situations with poor health and development. We identified that the conversation around the impact of housing on children was inadequate, in both academic and political arenas.

Housing and Children’s Health and Social Care is a literature review to assess the evidence that the housing available to families in the United Kingdom influences children’s health and wellbeing. UK governmental policy decisions to reduce welfare support, decrease affordable housing stock, promote the private rental sector and favour the needs of high-income families leaves many children in damaging housing situations.

Housing could increase the risk of both physical and mental health issues in children including injury, infectious disease, maltreatment and developmental problems. The complexities of how poor housing may be impacting the use of paediatric health and social care services are discussed and suggestions made for better practice and integration.

This review is a starting point for researchers from any discipline to build this research area. It is imperative that more studies are conducted on the effect of housing on children’s health and social care to drive improvements in policy.