Our Approach

Local action. National influence.


We work across Greater Manchester to identify the impacts of poverty on health.

We then develop initiatives or support existing grassroots projects to reduce these health inequalities. 

Our on-the-ground work informs us of the changes that need to be made in practice and in policy.

We share our insights with local and national organisations, governments and policy makers. We make visible the health challenges faced in our communities which are often overlooked by the system. 

Together we can work towards building a society which positively nurtures the health of its population. 

Combining evidence and experience in health. 

Clinical Expertise

We are led by clinicians working in a range of fields. Their expertise and experience of best practice informs the development of our projects. 

Evidence and Research

Our projects are developed based on the latest academic research. We also conduct our own research to better understand the needs of our population. See our latest research and publications here. 


There are no greater experts than those experiencing the impacts of poverty themselves. We help people to share their experiences of inequality and become advocates for change.