Our Background & History

In July 2015, The Oglesby Charitable Trust, published 'A Shared Responsibility: Tackling Inequalities in Health Across Great Manchester'. The report marked the culmination of an 18-month study. Analysing case studies from a range of effective voluntary sector and community organisations, highlighted ‘what works’ when tackling complex health and social care problems.

It recommended, the essential ingredients for effective change should include: a person-centred approach, strong relationships with local institutions and neighbourhood networks to unlock additional routes to good health, mutual support from commissioners and social services, the use of e-health technologies and fostering a shared responsibility for health, and helping others.

And so, Shared Health Foundation was formed...

"We must take personal and shared responsibility for removing health inequalities from our city"


"A healthy life is something we all have a right to expect, but can only enjoy fully if we collectively work towards a healthy community"


"Creating individuals as producers of health and not consumers of treatment"