Our Projects

We believe, by supporting and replicating inspirational grassroots projects we provide the best opportunity to make change happen. Our projects are diverse, wide reaching and show what is possible when creativity, aspiration and best practice is combined.


Below you’ll find a taster of some of the interests and projects that Shared Health Foundation is currently involved in.

Healthy Gems

Because kids don't come with handbooks...

Healthy Gems is a course which aims to answer many of those child health related questions that mums, dads and carers have.

We aim to improve confidence, develop a network of local support and provide top tips from health professionals, and other parents and grandparents who have been there before.

Focused Care

Making the invisible patient, visible...

Focused Care is a model of providing additional capacity into general practices in the most deprived areas.

The aim is simple: make invisible patients the most visible and unpick the complex situations so that patients can move into a sustainable, less chaotic and healthier life. 

The model has shown strong results for patient outcomes and also staff satisfaction and retention. 

The Lemonade Project

For when life gives you lemons...

The Lemonade Project’ is a three-strand project.

Our Lemonade Resource Book aims to build resilience in young people who have been identified as at risk of self-harming behaviours. It emcompasses a range of interactive activities which encourage young people to engage in conversation and develop alternate ways of coping. The open-access Resource Book is designed to be used in an informal setting for anyone working with young people.

Our Toolkit is a conversation tool to support health care professionals, teachers and parents talk about mental health.

Coming soon...our Lemon Journal!

Homeless Families

Supporting families in temporary housing...

In the Greater Manchester region, there is a growing problem of homeless families living in temporary accommodation. A stable and decent home is vital to the health and well-being of families, and particularly children, with homelessness putting a considerable stress on families and exacerbating existing issues.

We worked with Local Authorities, health, social care and third sector organisations to investigate the extent of the issue across GM. Following this we produced a report summarising our shocking findings and submitted proposals for change. 

Caring for Carers

Supporting those who care for others...

There are an estimated 6.5 million UK unpaid carers, but the level of support and recognition they receive varies greatly. We have multiple projects running to support carers in our community.

Most recently we've launched a Young Carers Lead Project Network (YCLPN), which connects Greater Manchester young carer initiatives by facilitating and organising collaborative events. It gives an opportunity to share ideas and benefits to become a stronger cohort in order to make change at both local and national level.

We are working with a registered housing provider and local carers project to pilot an early recognition and referral process for carers living in the registered housing sector.  This has, so far, been a great success.

Our scoping reports sets out additional recommendations we are working to meet.

Keeping Healthy

Improving asylum seekers and refugees access to healthcare...

Keeping Healthy seeks to improve access to healthcare and health outcomes for asylum seekers and refugees. The project is designed, developed and delivered collaboratively by asylum seekers, volunteers and health professionals.


We are running health literacy courses, peer led support groups and will provide accessible written information. Asylum seekers and refugees face significant health inequalities and we aim to action this by establishing an inclusive, accessible, supportive network.

Deprivation Medicine

Doctors working in areas of deprivation...

As practitioners working in deprived regions we have long been aware of the added workload burdens, challenges and rewards of working in deprivation. Research shows that some of the best practice in the country has come from GPs working in deprived areas.


DeepEnd taps in to the core values  of these GPs by providing a network for doctors working in deprived communities, giving them an opportunity to share good practice and discuss the challenges they face with a view to finding solutions.


We have also developed three student selected components and GP Specialist Training Programme to support our GPs of the future.


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