If you are transitioning from primary to secondary school, or know someone that is, then these resources are for you.

Many of you would have missed the past couple of months of school and won't be taking any exams such as your SATs. You may have had your transition day to your new school cancelled and you may feel nervous about going to your new school. All these anxious and worried feelings are totally normal. It isn't "bad" or "weird" to feel a bit odd and concerned about moving into Year 7, there are thousands of young people doing the same thing - you are not alone!

We at the Shared Health Foundation have made some really short videos about what to expect at high school. These include topics such as timetables, travelling to school and also how to sleep and eat better to help you be more resilient.

We hope you learn something new with these videos. Any if there's anything that we've missed out then let us know!

In partnership with Lifecentre Salford.

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An introduction
How to sleep better
Eating at school and how to budget
How to travel to school safely
Reading your school timetable
How to feel less stressed
Real life stories
Understanding your emotions